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Thanks for visiting the site of Ontario based web design / development & motion graphics design studio — Full Stack Ellerbeck inc.

FSE specializes in everything involved in web & video production. Workback schedules, project charters & project management – we do that too.

Currenty, FSE is not accepting any new web development & PhoneGap / Cordova based projects. We are still available for video work, however we are currently at capacity with web development work.

Please feel free to reach out at any time.

Technical know-how.

FSE can help you make a solid web site that is: built to last, easily upgradable and simple to maintain over time. Server-side development utilizing PSR compliant PHP & NodeJS server-side languages ensure development that lasts.

We utilize modern, responsive HTML5 & CSS layout; Utilization of CSS pre-processors such as SASS & LESS, Javascript frameworks to decrease overall development time.

Below are some of the technologies we here at FSE know, love & regularily utilize —

  • PHP 5.6.3x or earlier & 7.x and later (Frameworks — Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP; Package managers — Composer)
  • JavaScript: Vanilla, jQuery & jQuery Mobile, several frameworks and libraries, some NodeJS
  • HTML: PhoneGap & jQuery Mobile, Vanilla, Bootstrap and variants (WET-BOEW, WrapBootstrap & Envato themes)
  • CSS3: Animation, flex-box, CSS grid, Pre-processors — SASS, LESS
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, FileMaker, SQLite
  • Linux & UNIX server configuration & system administration —
    • Linux: Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu, OpenELEC, Rasbian, kali, CentOS, tails
    • UNIX: IRIX, Solaris / SunOS
    • Web servers: Apache & Nginx
    • MTA: Postfix, Sendmail, Exim
    • File sharing / services: Samba, NFS, ProFTPd
    • Networking services / router firmware: IPTables, SSH, Fail2Ban, VNC, SELinux / OpenWRT, dd-wrt
    • MTA security: Dovecot, Cyrus (SASL)
    • Source control: Subversion (SVN), Git & GitLab
    • Continuous Integration / Deployment: Jenkins, GitLab
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Highly proficient in core applications; expert Actionscript 3 developer
  • Twilio: OpenVBX, PHP integration
  • Social media integration: OAuth, SEO, Open Graph & Twitter meta integration
  • WordPress: Setup, plugin & theme development
  • Video editing & motion graphics design: After Effects & Premiere


Here you'll find work by FSE & other partners, including corporate & personal sites.
Please note: some sites have subsequently been refreshed, please see the Internet Archive for referenced versions.

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Somewhat Socially Active.

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